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I am truly, deeply, and passionately in love with FOOD. I love the whole concept of it — how the ingredients are carefully prepared and thought of, how it is cooked, baked, roasted, blanched, and how one flavor makes or breaks the palate of food. I am enamored with mixing recipes from different parts of the world, and I make my own version of it.

Food — comforts my soul, makes me so happy and feel amazingly wonderful — like this opera song of Luciano Pavarotti — It divulges me to believe the goodness, realness of something so delicious. Right? What do you think? 🙂

In conjunction, I find luxury in having guests for a simple dinner or throwing big and small parties for friends and family. I don’t know, but there’s this magical enjoyment that I feel when I entertain people. I love the sound of their laugh, the non-stop chit chatting about life, ideas, TV series (Haha!), I crush the oooohhhhsss and the ahhhhhssss of my guests when they have attacked the scrumptious food and desserts, and I rapture the perception that I was able to share with them the happiness and comfort and the passion and the delight that I feel.

In relation to this, a friend of mine asked me if she could hire me as a planner/organizer for the 4th birthday of her daughter who also happens to be my Goddaughter, on April 16, 2011, I said Yes, ofcourse!! Yehey! Hahaha! I am extremely happy!!!

So dear friends, fellow bloggers, family, and loved ones….. watch out for more of Party Style Partner as I give you day-to-day entries about parties/events that I’ll be hosting, baking classes, cooking classes, recipes, food, Mercatos in the metro, and a lot more! Stay tuned! 🙂

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